The second pine of the year

During the first week of the year I began practicing daily with a big pine tree in Kaivopuisto Park in Helsinki, first the taiji tree pose next to it, and then standing and holding on to its branch. During the second week, from 10 January, I began practicing daily with a pine tree in Nobelparken in Stockholm, (see image) first the taiji tree pose as well, then reaching up on my toes with arms stretched, holding on to a branch for balance, and finally leaning against the trunk of the pine, or one of them, because it is divided in two. Daily practice means daily those times that I am in the respective city. For now I can only note that the two pines are very different, the one in Helsinki being old and relatively solitary on the slope, while the one in Stockholm is younger, with a divided trunk and grows amongst other trees on the hill. The pine in Helsinki I can record in almost full view, which means that the human figure is tiny. The pine in Stockholm I have to record much closer and therefore only partly – from a distance it would be hidden by other trees – and the human figure is therefore proportionately larger. Images from my visits to both of them can be found here.

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By Annette Arlander


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