A Pine to Ponder with

To find a pine to sit in or on in Stockholm proved very difficult. There are no pines in the parks in the inner city, the ones up on the hill in Nobelparken being a rare exception. At the end of my week I decided to approach a beautiful pine in the area called Lill-Jansskogen, or Little Jan’s wood, where I have performed with pine trees before, although in a different part. I could not climb the tall and straight pine, although some of its branches are hanging low enough to touch. The only option is to sit on a rock under the tree and try to make contact from there. My plan is to visit the pine repeatedly and to try to befriend it, or them. Today I tried to speak with the pine for the first time and to record my ponderings, hoping to use them for a trilingual podcast called Talking with Trees, which does not have anything in English, yet. This was my first attempt, and unfortunately the next one will be only at the end of March, when I hope to be able to return to Stockholm…

Categorized as English

By Annette Arlander


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