Practicing with Pines

As part of the event Seven of Seven organised by Myymälä2 gallery, (see program) I will perform “Practicing with Pines” on 26. April there. Probably the performance should be called “Practicing with Pines Indoors” or “Practicing with Images of Pines” because I will perform with video compilations, that I have made for the occasion, such as “Practicing with Pines (writing)”, see video still above, “Practicing with Pines” and “Practicing with Pines (brief)”, see video stills below. The two latter ones are based on the same material of repeating the two-legged tree pose with various pine trees in 2020 and 2021. My plan is to have two parts, the first is a section where I perform actions with the projections, and then in the second part I invite the audience to try the actions themselves, and to document each other, too. I hope to gather some of the documentations on a page on the RC, here.

Practicing with Pines
Practicing with Pines (brief)

My plan is to try to fit in two more videos, perhaps in smaller scale, namely Swinging in a Pine – Örö Rockaby(e) and Day with a Pine, see images below. Whether swinging and hanging will be possible in the space remains to be seen…

Swinging in a Pine – Örö Rockaby(e)
Day with a Pine
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By Annette Arlander


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