Pondering with a Pine in the Park

A new year with new friends! But first goodbye to some old friends: I have completed my performances and conversations with the two pine trees in Stockholm and Helsinki. They are recorded on the RC catalogue, (see Helsinki here and Stockholm here), as well as published as podcast episodes on SoundCloud with a separate playlist for the pine in Stockholm, and Helsinki. The material of my performances with two other pines that will result in some kind of time-lapse triptychs remains to be edited, although the process is documented with still-images on the RC for both the pine in Kaivopuisto Park and in Nobelparken. The only pine tree that will remain with me in the year 2023, at least until spring, is the pine on Seurasaari Island, which I visit on Sundays while in Helsinki. The conversations in Finnish are not turned into podcast episodes but rather recorded on the RC, as With the Seurasaari Pine. The best way of getting an idea of all the pines I’ve performed and pondered with during the year is via the project archive’s introduction page, which I will continue adding to this year as well.

And now the new friend: I have chosen a new pine tree to make acquaintance and have conversations with in Kaivopuisto Park in Helsinki (see image above), and even recorded a first attempt, on the RC, and created a new playlist on Soundcloud called Pondering with a Pine in the Park. My plan is to record conversations with the pine approximately twice a month and, if possible, make the episodes available on various podcast platforms. We’ll see.

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By Annette Arlander


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