A Pine to Talk to

On the sunny Saturday 12.2.2022 I went to visit the pine in Kaivopuisto Park and decided to take a look at the cluster of pines growing on the other side of the hill, remembering there was a reclining pine that I might be able to sit on. And there it was. As I had my camera with me I decided to make a test image. And as I had my phone with me I might make a test recording as well. Thus, almost accidentally, I began a series of talks in English that I have been planning for quite a while, to continue my talks with trees, like the pine on Örö Island that I spoke with in Swedish. Hopefully these conversations, which so far resemble monologues, will result in similar kind of podcasts, See Talking with Trees . In any case I will visit this reclining pine every now and then, sit with it or them and try to exchange ideas…

Categorized as English

By Annette Arlander


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