Windy Conversations

Returning to the reclining pine in Kaivopuisto Park on Wednesday 9th of March I planned to talk about the war in Ukraine and perhaps also the challenge involved in very slow astrological cycles (pluto conjunct MC) with implications for 250 years. I sat on the pine in the freezing wind recording my pondering with my phone, without realising that the wind would dominate the recording and cover my voice. When editing the video I realized I could try to solve the problem of my speech being incomprehensible by adding the text as a scroll on the video. I tried that both with a black text and a white text, but decided to upload the simple version without subtitles on the RC, and to try again on a calmer day. On Saturday 12th March, coincidentally exactly one month after my first session, I recorded a conversation with somewhat similar topics. And that version became a podcast as well, finally. The videos and texts are available on the RC platform here, and the conversations as podcast episodes in English can be listened to on soundcloud, here

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By Annette Arlander


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