Some Örö pines

A sudden possibility to visit Örö due to a cancellation is something to utilise and I thus decided to visit Örö part of the time I was supposed to be in Stockholm. Quite a lot can be accomplished in less than a week, it seems. I made an experiment to meet or make acquaintance with one pine every day, and to record a video and an improvised conversation with that pine. The pine in the image above I did not talk with, however, although I planned to at first. Choosing the pine took some time, of course, although editing and uploading was the most time-consuming part, especially since I made an episode to the podcast Talking with Trees of each encounter as well. For the first conversations I made some plans about topics to discuss, although something else often came to my mind while sitting with the pine. The two last conversations where not so well prepared, and therefore paradoxically longer. All the videos and the transcribed texts are uploaded on the RC here. And the six conversations form a playlist on Soundcloud as well, Pondering with Örö Pines, here. The video stills of the six pines can be viewed as a gallery here below:

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By Annette Arlander


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