Residency in Bodafors

Bodafors, a small town or community in southern Sweden, previously known for its furniture industry is surrounded by forests, mainly spruce forests, though. As the proud recipient of the WARB (Wood Art Residency Bodafors) 2022 (see information in Swedish, here), I went down there over an extended weekend for a “reconnaissance trip” before spending more time there in July and the second part of August. My main aim was to acquaint myself with some pines that I might perform with, and that was easier said than done. There is a comfortable “activity trail” and a nice forest path, too, not far from the old villa which houses the residency on the second floor. And there are some pine trees here and there, albeit mostly in the midst of other trees. And they are all very tall. The rather small pile of pine logs next to a much larger one with spruce logs near the railroad caught my eye, and in the end I made a small performance with that pile as a starter, available on the RC, here. I’m looking forward to returning there and challenging myself to come up with something else than my usual ways of pondering with pines.

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By Annette Arlander


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