In Öskjuhlid Wood

Reykjavik is a garden city nowadays, with plenty of trees everywhere, or so it seems compared to my memories of my first visit, thirty years ago. This time I stayed at a hotel at the outskirts of the city, near the domestic airport and the wooded hill Öskjuhlid with the landmark building Perlan on top. The reason for my visit was the IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research) world congress. I took the opportunity to spend a few extra days looking for pine trees. And I did not have to go far, on Öskjuhlid there are plenty of pines, too, although they look different than the ordinary pines (Pinus sylvestris) at home. It seems they are some type of contorta pines (Pinus contorta), but I am not absolutely sure. Most of them have a more rounded shrub-like form and grey bark. The ones I chose to talk to and perform with were especially contorted, and providing branches to sit on. The videos can be watched on the RC, here.

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By Annette Arlander


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