With the Pines in Bodafors

Two weeks in Bodafors (6-20 July) in WARB (Wood Art Residency Bodafors) were rather productive, after all, although I did not invent anything new, really. Perhaps the first experiments with a pine branch (see image above) could count as ‘new’, new for me. They were actually inspired by Helene Lefebvre and Jason Lim. Most of my work have consisted in looking for pine trees to talk to, and I completed seven conversations, which then were turned into videos and pod episodes. Perhaps the most interesting thing has been to work in Swedish. I have created a separate page for the residency, on this blog, here. On the Research Catalogue I have recorded my experiments with talking to pine trees, in Swedish, both the videos and the transcriptions of the talks on one page, as well as some ‘ponderings’ in Swedish, funderingar, on a separate page. I will return to the villa next week, and also at the end of August so there is still an opportunity to try something different, maybe.

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By Annette Arlander


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