With a Woodchip Wig

During the last week of July in Bodafors I played with a woodchip wig constructed from “locks” of woodchips, leftovers from the work by Klara & Klara, who have been in the residency at the same time. The three “locks” are fastened on a headband and the rather heavy wig is easy to wear as long as the threads don’t break, as they did during both recording sessions. On the first day I walked along the forest path near the school, and barely escaped a heavy rainfall. On the second day I chose another path in the same wood, and made three images, first standing immobile for a while and then walking along the path into the woods. The walking versions are called “With a Woodchip Wig” and the images where I am standing still, which I actually like better, are called “Dressed in Wood”. In the fourth image (see above) I am sitting on a tree trunk, and that is perhaps the most interesting one, because there the wig helps me merge with the surroundings. All the videos can be viewed on the RC here (scroll down the page).

Categorized as English

By Annette Arlander



  1. Wow! Annette, I really like the one! The sitting one but also last two of standing ones are great. On the standing ones it also makes you more trunkish which is just great 🙂


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