Walking in the Woods

During my last sojourn in Bodafors I was playing with my old GoPro camera, walking on the forest paths around the villa where I stayed. I had the camera on my forehead and walked the chosen path first one way (south) and then back (north). When editing, I then inserted a smaller image of my return walk into the larger image (southwards into northwards and northwards into southwards) as can be seen from the two pairs of images below. The first pair depicts the beginning and end of the southward walk and the second pair the beginning and end of the northward walk on the same path.

In the forest on the other side of the railroad I used the same system on a path that formed almost a circle in it self, so the directions where of no use. I called the two variations left and right instead, based on the starting point. Here below you can see first the beginning and end of the path starting left and then the beginning and end starting right. And the walk in the opposite direction again inserted into the larger image.

My plan was to leave the walks as my final experiments. A few days ago I nevertheless wondered whether I should try writing a letter to a pine, because so far I had addressed all the pines by speaking, in Swedish. On the evening of the 25th I made a try-out with a pine near the lake, and wrote a small letter in English. I made a new attempt, and wrote a longer letter to the same pine on the 27th and added the letters as subtitles on the videos. In order to show something of the pine, and not only me sitting on a stump, I inserted an image of the crown or a video clip of the pine recorded with my phone into the basic image, thus using in some sense the same technique as with the walks. Ending with letters seemed an appropriate way to complete my stay, because that way I could express my gratitude to the organisers, and the pines. The videos can be found at the very end of the page where all my experiments in Bodafors are documented, here.




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By Annette Arlander


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