Quick visit to Stockholm

I spent a few days in Stockholm to visit the two pines that I regularly go to, the one in Nobelparken that I practice with (see images below) and then the pine in Lill-jansskogen that I have conversations with, in general once a month or so (see the image above). This time I worried that I did not know what to talk about, and surprised myself by improvising a long rant about the recent elections and problems related to equality and inequality. This visit to the pine in Lill-jansskogen resulted in a podcast episode, too, pine 16 on Soundcloud, here. All my talks with the pine in Lill-jansskogen are archived on the RC, here (scroll down for the latest one). And my visits to the pine in Nobelparken are documented as still images on the RC, here (here, too, scroll down for the latest ones).

To participate in some cultural event I went to the opening of the new localities of Statens Konstråd on Skeppsholmen and realised how much I like the island. When I returned the following day to look for a potential pine tree to perform with I could not find a single pine on the whole island. On Kastellholmen, however, the small island next to Skeppsholmen, I met this beautiful old maple tree (see image below) which I would really like to collaborate with. The only problem is that it is not a pine, so I cannot really include any joint endeavour in this project. It has to be some kind of a sidestep, an affair on the side, I guess.




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By Annette Arlander


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