The Seurasaari Pine

In the beginning of October I began weekly conversations with a new pine tree, growing on the southern shore of Seurasaari Island, a popular public park, and decided to visit the pine on Sundays, if possible through the winter. I am speaking Finnish with the pine and hope to do something for a festival next summer together with the tree, perhaps some sort of time-lapse video again. The still from the video recorded on the first Sunday (above) and the one recorded yesterday (below) as well as the conversations (in Finnish) are documented on a separate page on the RC, here.

Besides this new acquaintance I visited the pines in Stockholm again, both in Nobelparken (scroll down on this page) and in Lill-Jansskogen (scroll down on this page), where I recorded a conversation that is available also as a pod episode (pine-17-eng), here.

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By Annette Arlander


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