Between Pines

A week in Stockholm in the middle of January in order to witness the Research Days at SKH, Stockholm University of the Arts, gave me the opportunity to make a first attempt at writing letters between pines. The first letter, written next to (or ‘dictated’ by) the pine on the hill in Nobelparken is already on the Research catalogue: Tallar emellan (Between Pines) . The idea is to read it aloud to the pine on the slope in Kaivopuisto Park in Helsinki and to write a letter next to (or ‘dictated’ by) that pine in turn. I am not really satisfied with the fantasising needed for this way of communicating, though. When I am talking to a pine I don’t have to imagine anything, while when writing a letter in the name of a pine, as if the pine would communicate, I have to invent and play. But perhaps I can fool around a bit once for a change …

Categorized as English

By Annette Arlander


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