In Stockholm Again

On fifth February I returned to the pine in Nobelparken in Stockholm and read the letter from the pine in Brunnsparken in Helsingfors written 31 January. I had it printed on paper in the city library and fastened it to my notebook. When it was time to write a reply, I decided to try if I could speak from ‘dictation’ instead, leaning next to the pine and trying to hear what it had to say. That felt even more awkward than sitting and writing, although easier in terms of the snowfall, of course. And my plan is now to read the transcription of the letter back to the pine in Helsingfors from my phone, reading and recording at the same time, to avoid unnecessary prints. I have still not found the right way to develop this exchange of ideas or dialogue between pines, but I will continue exploring alternatives. And I’ll add them to a RC-page, here. I have also edited my visits last year to the pine nearby, on a separate page, here.

Categorized as English

By Annette Arlander


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